How to Use the Recovery Console

When a Windows XP system wont boot up, you can often fix the problem using the Recovery Console. The Windows XP CD is bootable and will provide you with access to this tool.

To boot from the Windows XP CD, insert it into the CD-ROM drive on the problem system and reboot the computer.  The system should present you with the option to boot from the CD, simply follow the prompts that will allow the loading of the basic files needed to run Setup. If not, you will need to access the BIOS and enable booting from your CD or DVD drive.

 When you see the Welcome To Setup screen, shown below, press R to start the Recovery Console.

You’ll then see a Recovery Console menu, like the one shown below. It displays the folder containing the operating system’s files and prompts you to choose the operating system you want to log on to. Just press the menu number on the keyboard, and you’ll be prompted to enter the Administrator’s password. You’ll then find yourself at the main Recovery Console prompt.



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