Outlook Express Error Codes – SMTP Errors

0×800CCC60 – SMTP_RESPONSE_ERROR Invalid response.
0×800CCC61 – SMTP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_CODE Unknown error code.
0×800CCC62 – SMTP_500_SYNTAX_ERROR Syntax error returned.
0×800CCC63 – SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX Parameter syntax incorrect.
0×800CCC64 – SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL Command not implemented.
0×800CCC65 – SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ Improper command sequence.
0×800CCC66 – SMTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL Command not implemented.
0×800CCC67 – SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE Command not available.
0×800CCC68 – SMTP_450_MAILBOX_BUSY Mailbox is locked and busy.
0×800CCC69 – SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND Mailbox not found.
0×800CCC6A – SMTP_451_ERROR_PROCESSING Error processing request.
0×800CCC6B – SMTP_551_USER_NOT_LOCAL User mailbox is known, but mailbox not on this server.
0×800CCC6C – SMTP_452_NO_SYS

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